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As part of town planning acitivities, hotel projects are always an option related to new land developments or an alternative use for existing properties. Based on our long-standing experience in advising municipalities, we know what really counts for cities regarding the development of hotels. We provide you with hotel and market specific insights as a basis for decision-making and prepare documents upon request, which can also be used for public purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Is a new hotel development reasonable?

Does the local market support a new hotel and is there sufficient demand?  

We can show you whether it is worthwhile establishing a new hotel in your market. If the basic preconditions are given, Hotel market studies can demonstrate the possible hotel concepts and feasible capacities.

New hotel as tourism driver?

What will be the effects of a hotel settlement on the location and the existing hotel market?  

This kind of question can be answered through Hotel market studies, which serves the city, potential investors or hotel operators as a basis for future hotel projects and provides insights into the local hotel market.

Locations appropriate for a hotel?

Are the available sites or properties in a city suitable for a hotel development?  

An initial Quick Check will provide a first overview whether available land or existing properties are appropriate for a hotel settlement. This serves primarily as an internal decision-making basis. Within a more comprehensive Pre-Feasibility Study we provide you with results that are also suitable for approaching prospective investors or operators and integrates a potential analysis, if necessary.

How to raise local demand?

How can the city influence accomodation demand in a sustainable way and simoultaneously boost the local hotel market?  

Within Hotel market studies we analyze the location specific demand structure and highlight individual solutions that can be applied to raise local demand.

Which suitable hotel operator?

Which potential hotel operators can be approached for a hotel project?  

Especially in smaller, little known locations, it is often more difficult to find a suitable operator. Through our existing contacts and industry knowledge, we can support you in the Operator search. Nevertheless, a prerequisite to attract potential investors is a Pre-Feasibility Study or Hotel market studies demonstrating the attractiveness and potential of the market. 

Hotel as part of infrastructure project?

Can a hotel be realized in our city as part of a major project e.g. linked to a conference center?  

Such projects, as implemented by cities more frequently these days, can be very promising. A Pre-Feasibility Study can determine whether the demand created through the new infrastructure justifies a hotel development and in case of a positive result, which concept is best to be applied to make it successful over the long run.

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