Project Developers

HOTOUR advises and supports project developers in all stages of the hotel development process, especially by answering the following questions:

Property suitable for a hotel?

Is my property suitable for a hotel construction and if so, for which one?
Depending on the local circumstances and the market environment, this question can be answered by applying a Quick Check or a Pre-Feasibility Study.

Which operator?

Which operator is appropriate for my hotel project?

The first step during the Operator search is the shortlisting of suitable operators, followed by a selection process in accordance with the client. Subsequently, operators will be contacted.

Realistic lease offer?

Are the conditions of operator's lease offer realistic?

The broader scope of the lease can be clarified through a Quick Check. In order to achieve precise lease calculations, a detailed analysis of the hotel project is necessary. The main factors to be evaluated are the specific site, local market condidions,  hotel category and operating concept.

How to acquire external financing?

How can I get external finance for a hotel project?

Thanks to our excellent contacts to leading banks, HOTOUR provides advice during the search for a suitable financing partner, drafts the appropriate hotel-specific documents for the loan application and prepares the required Appraisal reports according to the specifications of the bank providing the Bank financing.

Which investor for my project?

Which investor could be interested in my project?

Within the framework of a mandate for the Sale / Investors search, the first step is to preselect potential investors in accordance with the client, followed by approaching them.

How to deal with construction costs?

How can I keep construction costs under control?

As a hotel consultancy, we support owners especially during the planning phase to avoid unnecessary construction costs. Above all, the appropriate size of the operation (no more rooms than the market permits), a sound concept (no redundant spaces) and the right functional procedures (arrangement of the functional units) are the major elements that need to be adjusted at an early stage. As soon as this broad Operational concept bas been prepared, the framework for the architect’s planning is set through the Room and function program, which also sets the boundaries for potential operators to a feasible and necessary extent.  

After the operator has been selected, we provide professional assistance throughout the entire project. Starting form hotel-specific Planning and construction supervision until the final opening, we always keep cost control in mind.

What is FF&E and how do I handle it?

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment are considered to be the interior of a hotel, usually from the interface of the refined shell. Diverging opinions of developers and operators regarding the allocation of the FF&E items often cause unnecessary budget overruns and conflicts, which we help to avoid.

FF&E: The magic formula for the hotel operators - a nightmare for investors


Reference list

  • CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
  • Diringer & Scheidel Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH
  • FAY Projects GmbH
  • Lang & Cie. Real Estate AG
  • OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH

Project conception, development & support

Resort - Development of a four star hotel in a tourist greenbelt recreation area.

Project conception, development & support
Project development - Hotel project plausibility reporting

Hotel project in Rhineland-Palatinate
Plausibility of existing reports for financing bank.

Project development - Hotel project plausibility reporting